README-Unicode 973 B

  1. This repository contains a unicode conversion of the CATSS morphologically-
  2. tagged Seputagint (LXXM) [1].
  3. The texts differ from the originals in the following ways:
  4. 1. Several corrections have been applied.
  5. 2. The betacode text has been converted to unicode.
  6. 3. The files are now whitespace-separated rather than fixed-width.
  7. 4. The second column, containing the POS and parsing information, has had its
  8. whitespace replaced with hyphens in accordance with the above.
  9. 5. Combined the split files of Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and
  10. Ezekiel, and renumbered all the files.
  11. Please note that the same terms of use apply to this unicode version as to the
  12. original - see the 0-readme.txt and 0-user-declaration.txt files for details.
  13. Contact Nathan D. Smith <> or the Open Scriptures
  14. email list <> with corrections or
  15. questions.
  16. [1]