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  1. USER AGREEMENT / DECLARATION (version 050215)
  2. Center for Computer Analysis of Texts (CCAT)
  3. Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
  4. 227 Logan Hall
  5. Philadelphia PA 19104-6304
  6. Tel 215 898 5827 (Fax 215 898 6568)
  7. Email kraft at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
  8. Home pages http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/rs/rak/catss.html
  9. http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/gopher/text/
  10. With regard to the texts and software it distributes, CCAT has made all
  11. reasonable efforts to insure that appropriate consent and permission has been
  12. obtained from copyright holders of published materials converted into
  13. machine-readable form as well as from producers of the electronic form, and thus
  14. that fair and permitted use of such materials does not constitute an
  15. infringement on copyright. Pertinent information is included in such
  16. documentation as may be supplied with the electronic materials (e.g. "readme"
  17. files).
  18. In accepting materials distributed by or through CCAT, the recipient agrees to
  19. observe the following "fair use" provisions:
  20. (1) Not to use or make available these materials for commercial purposes without
  21. first obtaining the written consent of the owners/encoders;
  22. (2) To observe any special restrictions that may govern the use of particular
  23. texts or bodies of material as stipulated in the aforementioned documentation;
  24. (3) To control access to these materials and require any other party to whom the
  25. recipient supplies any portion of this material to observe these conditions and
  26. to register a signed USER AGREEMENT form with CCAT;
  27. (4) When making formal public reference to the materials, to acknowledge
  28. appropriately the holder of the copyright to any published text that has been
  29. encoded as well as to the encoder and the source from which the machine-readable
  30. form has been obtained, to the extent that these details are supplied in the
  31. aforementioned documentation. Unless otherwise noted, CCAT is the legal owner of
  32. the software and documentation being distributed.
  33. (5) To report promptly to CCAT any errors discovered in these machine-readable
  34. materials or problems with the software.
  35. SIGNED AND DATED____________________________________________________
  36. NAME (PRINTED) ____________________________________________________
  37. ADDRESS ____________________________________________________
  38. Text(s) obtained:
  39. If materials were not obtained directly from CCAT or its web site, please
  40. indicate the source(s):