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  1. READ ME File for CCAT Diskettes (version 1.0 [11/7/86 rak])
  2. (adapted for Macintosh files [7/4/87 jct], revised 12/16/88)
  3. Please communicate corrections and comments to:
  4. CCAT (R. Kraft)
  5. 201 Logan Hall
  6. 249 S. 36th Street
  7. The University of Pennsylvania
  8. Philadelphia, PA 19104-6304
  9. (tel. 215-898-5827).
  10. kraft@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
  11. The accompanying files are distributed by the Center for Computer
  12. Analysis of Texts (CCAT) at the University of Pennsylvania for the use
  13. of students, teachers and scholars in study and education contexts.
  14. They are not to be used, either directly or indirectly, for commercial
  15. purposes without prior written consent of the various legal authors
  16. and developers identified below. If copies are made and given to other
  17. persons for NON-COMMERCIAL use, those persons are also required to
  18. register with CCAT by completing the standard "User Declaration"
  19. (included as a separate file on the diskettes) and returning it to
  20. CCAT at the address indicated above. This is for legal and
  21. collaborative purposes only; no fees are involved. The CCAT repository
  22. contains a wide variety of materials obtained from various sources.
  23. The following are standard items for which requests are regularly
  24. received. It is expected that, in accord with normal scholarly
  25. etiquette, use of such materials in publications, etc., will be
  26. acknowledged appropriately.
  27. BHS = Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, ed. K. Elliger and W.
  28. Rudolph (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1967/77).
  29. Copyright held by the German Bible Society, in cooperation with
  30. the United Bible Societies (UBS).
  31. Michigan-Claremont BHS = The computer text produced initially
  32. under the direction of H. Van Dyke Parunak (then at Univ.
  33. Michigan) and Richard E. Whitaker (representing the Claremont
  34. Grad. Schools), with funding from the David and Lucile Packard
  35. Foundation. Subsequent revisions and verification have been
  36. coordinated by Whitaker with input from a variety of sources and
  37. special support from the CATSS (Computer Assisted Tools for
  38. Septuagint Studies) Project and its teams at the Hebrew
  39. University (Jerusalem; under E. Tov) and at the Westminster
  40. Theological Seminary (Elkins Park, PA; under A. Groves) as well
  41. as at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). An early
  42. form of the Michigan-Claremont text provided the basis for the
  43. MIKRAH version, which in turn was further improved through
  44. cooperation with the Bar Ilan (Israel) computer center and the
  45. Maredsous (Belgium) based Centre: Informatique et Bible (CIB)
  46. directed by R. F. Poswick. The Michigan-Claremont text also has
  47. been collated against the CIB text. The latest revision (done at
  48. Westminster Seminary in July of 1987) corrected the text according
  49. to facsimiles of Codex Leningradensis.
  50. LXX = Septuaginta, ed. A. Rahlfs (Stuttgart: WŸrttembergische
  51. Bibelanstalt, 1935; repr. in 9th ed., 1971).
  52. VULG = Biblia Sacra Vulgata, ed. R. Weber and B. Fischer. (Stuttgart:
  53. Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1963; 4th ed., 1983).
  54. CATSS LXX = The computer form prepared by the TLG (Thesaurus
  55. Linguae Graecae) Project directed by T. Brunner at the University
  56. of California, Irvine, with further verification and adaptation
  57. (in process) by CATSS towards conformity with the individual
  58. Gšttingen editions that have appeared since 1935.
  59. GNT = The Greek New Testament, 3nd corrected ed., ed. K. Aland,
  60. M. Black, C. M. Martini, B. M. Metzger, and A. Wikgren (Stuttgart:
  61. WŸrttemberg Bible Society, 1983). Copyright is held by the
  62. United Bible Societies (UBS).
  63. PAR = Parallel Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek texts of Jewish
  64. Scripture, based on the Michigan-Claremont BHS consonantal text
  65. and the TLG LXX, created by the CATSS project under the direction
  66. of E. Tov (Jerusalem team). This data base currently is in a
  67. provisional form that will undergo continued modification as the
  68. CATSS project proceeds to its goals. Portions of PAR can be
  69. supplied by special arrangement.
  70. LXXM = The morphologically analyzed text of CATSS LXX prepared by CATSS
  71. under the direction of R. Kraft (Philadelphia team).
  72. BHSM = The morphologically analyzed Michigan-Claremont BHS materials.
  73. LXXV = The CATSS LXX plus the textual variants as encoded from the
  74. apparatuses of the best available editions (especially Gošttingen,
  75. Cambridge), and reformatted for computer by the Philadelphia team of CATSS
  76. under the direction of R. Kraft. Only small portions of this data base are
  77. currently available, and they are available on line.