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  Nathan D. Smith f14d01d99c Correction of breathings on initial rho - now using greek-utils beta2unicode 3 years ago
  Nathan D. Smith a03c78e76f Applied August 2015 upstream changes 3 years ago
  Nathan D. Smith f609fc58e9 Name tweak. 3 years ago
  Nathan D. Smith 5305989aa2 Rebasing from upstream update, Feb 21 2014 4 years ago
  Nathan Smith 8a58519768 Refactored with renamed files 6 years ago
  Nathan Smith ce207bd20d Normalize unicode to NFC 6 years ago
  Nathan Smith f6e0decc36 Correct final sigma in cases of crasis and hyphens 6 years ago
  Nathan Smith a0e14642c8 Changed crasis so that roots are separated with plus sign (as in original) instead of space) 6 years ago
  Nathan Smith 6c80afe154 Correct missing root in Ezekiel 9:11 6 years ago
  Nathan Smith 691f91f39a Added README 6 years ago
  Nathan Smith c0836433f3 Initial commit 6 years ago