Various scripts etc. for fantasy baseball.

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Various scripts etc. for fantasy baseball.



This script is intended for use with Ottoneu virtual leagues using FanGraphs points. It requires CSV exports of steamer data for batters and pitchers from Fangraphs, an export of your league's roster data, and the current average salary data from ottoneu.

The output is two csv files, one each for batters and pitchers. These will you with a central location with predictions, your league's roster info, league salary, average salary, and the ability to calculate points and conduct other analysis.


Obtain the following input files:

  • Steamer CSV export for batters
  • Steamer CSV export for pitchers
  • DepthCharts CSV export for pitchers
  • Ottoneu league CSV export of rosters
  • Ottoneu CSV export of average salaries

Rename each sensibly. I found that for some reason the batters export has several columns headed by "-1" with no contents. I deleted these before processing.


Merge-PlayerData.ps1 -Batters batters.csv -Pitchers pitchers.csv -Rosters league_000_rosters.csv -Salaries ottoneu_average_values.csv

You'll be greated with two output files, batters-out.csv and pitchers-out.csv.